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Hardscaping Brick Pavement in Oklahoma

Hardscaping Brick Pavement in Oklahoma

As the warm weather fast approaches in the Lexington, Oklahoma area, more people are preparing to spend a significant part of the summer outside. This means that many homeowners are going to be looking into transforming their property so they can entertain family and friends and enjoy more of the outdoors. Such improvements to the property can be a challenge to many homeowners who do not have the experience in designing and installing decks, creating patios, or adding a fence around the property. The team at Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation have decades experience in the Oklahoma City Metro area doing those types of exterior projects. We are professionals at hardscaping services in Lexington and the Oklahoma City Metro and we can help you to completely change the look of your property before summer arrives.

Wikipedia defines Hardscape as “Hardscape, in the practice of landscaping, refers to the built environment including paved areas like streets & sidewalks, structures, walls,[1] street amenities, pools and fountains.[2] Also, large business complexes, housing developments, highways,[3] and other industrial areas where the upper soil profile is no longer exposed to the air but is covered with durable materials. The term is especially used in heavily urbanized or suburban areas with little bare soil.[4]Here’s a link to their information on Hardscapes. Riemer and Son are experts in all of these areas and we can help transform your yard into something very special with our hardscaping services.

We Focus On Customer Service and Professional Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping Services - Lexington Oklahoma

Hardscaping Services – Lexington Oklahoma

Our team pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service while helping those residents to improve the overall quality of their homes. We understand that creating incredible outdoor living spaces will help your family and friends to enjoy their time outdoors much more. We have the expertise to help design an outdoor patio to your specs, then create that beautiful space so you can entertain their all summer. You will be able to create lasting memories with your family and fiends right in the comfort of your own backyard. We can easily transform that space with hardscaping techniques such as creating custom concrete walkways, adding beautiful landscape lighting, and building impressive decks in your yard.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your outdoor space, the team at Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation have the experience to get the job done right the first time. We have been providing residents here in the Lexington area incredible service for many decades, and testimonials on our website show that we care deeply about making sure the job exceeds all your expectations. We can create planned outdoor areas that will help you to utilize more of that space for entertaining your guests throughout the season. Once of our specialties is implementing retaining walls in different areas of the property. They not only look attractive, they serve a purpose in keeping your landscaping from washing away during the severe storms we experience in this part of Oklahoma.

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Hardscaping Sidewalk Front Porch

Hardscaping Sidewalk Front Porch

In addition to decks, our team can use unique patio pavers to help change the look of the area you use to entertain. We have several styles and sizes of pavers that can be used to create beautiful walkways around the property and through your unique landscaping sections. Now is the time to call the team at Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation so we can help you to create a beautiful backyard right in time for summer. We are the hardscaping contractor that you can rely on to do the job correctly the first time. Call us today and we will come out to your property and listen to all your needs and concerns. We will then design a unique plan for helping you achieve those goals, and make sure we go the extra mile to paying close attention to every detail. Call one of our dedicated team members today at 405.639.7648 and schedule your no obligation consultation.