Fall Landscaping in Nicoma Park – Ideas and Tips for Your Fall Landscape

Ideas and Tips for Your Fall Landscaping in Nicoma Park

Landscaping in Fall for Nicoma Park, Oklahoma

Landscaping in Fall for Nicoma Park, Oklahoma

As the fall season fast approaches, now is the time to consider some important preparations for the spring growing season. At Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation, we have been helping residents of the Oklahoma City Metro area prepare their landscaping for the dormant season for over twenty years. In that time, we have become the fall landscaping professionals in Nicoma Park, OK that residents can trust with all their yard needs. Here are just some of the reasons that our team has successfully helped Nicoma Park homeowners to keep their property looking amazing throughout the year.

Tips For Fall Landscaping in Nicoma Park Oklahoma

As the temperatures begin to drop and the growth above ground slows, it is important that the soil beneath stays moist to help with the root development. At Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation, out specialists can help by removing dead branches throughout the property, remove any spent stems on plants or shrubs, and cleaning up all the excess leaves that are covering the landscaping.

Fall is also a great time to aerate your lawn. It is also important for your lawn health to ensure that nutrients can reach the soil beneath your grass. Aeration can be an extremely vital factor to a healthy lawn because it allows air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch. These simple steps for your fall landscaping preparation will help to protect your lawn and encourage new growth as soon as the temperatures begin to rise next spring.

It’s Time for Fall Planting

Fall Landscaping in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma

Fall Landscaping in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma

Now is the time to think about fall planting, while the soil is still moist enough to help strengthen those roots. Our fall landscaping experts understand that by planting now, trees as well as shrubs or plants will get that head start they need to thrive when the warm weather returns. These new trees will not need as much watering this time of year as the plants all go dormant, so by establishing a strong root system, the hard work will be over when the tree springs to life next year.

In order for your lawn to look incredible in spring, certain precautions have to be implemented today for that to happen. Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation recommends that you trim back your grass down to a little over an inch in height. As part of our fall landscaping process, this is going to be the last time the grass will be cut this year. When you cut the grass to such a short height, it makes it harder for disease to thrive or spread. We will also clean up all leaves and debris that has fallen on the grass so the diseases that are common with grass have nothing to hold on to as the temperatures plummet.

Schedule A Time To Winterize Your Irrigation System

Winterize Sprinklers in Nicoma Park, OK

Winterize Sprinklers in Nicoma Park, OK

This is also the time that our team members will winterize your irrigation system. Removing any water from the lines will ensure it does not crack in freezing temperatures and will be ready to water the landscape again come spring. It’s best to call us early to schedule a time for us to winterize your sprinkler system before we become booked up. This is an important factor in your fall preparations for the harsh Oklahoma winters.

Call Riemer and Son For Your Fall Landscaping Needs

When it comes to fall landscaping in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma, the team of Riemer & Son Landscape & Irrigation are here to make certain your property is treated and prepared for the colder weather approaching. A little bit of hard work now will result in a spectacular looking landscape next season. We take our twenty plus years experience very seriously, and we honor our commitment to treating our customers like family. If you would like a free quote on a fall landscaping package, please contact us at (405)639-7648 and one of our team members will gladly help you.


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