Plant A Tree In Oklahoma City OklahomaHaving many trees on your property can create a great impact to your home’s total comfort, liveability, and even value. You might be amazed to know the many benefits that trees can offer your home. Aside from providing shade, this can also offer your home some protection from winds, and reduce the amount of dust in the area. Do you know that the leaves in a tree can even reduce the noise you hear from the street?

Plant a tree at your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home and help make the air quality in your area better by removing the air pollutants. If you want to enjoy the many benefits a tree can provide, then it is time to call Riemer and Son Landscaping & Irrigation at (405)639-7648. We offer landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties. Let us plant a tree at your property in Oklahoma City and enjoy the many advantages which a tree can offer.

A well planned landscape can provide your home better energy efficiency. Trees, shrubs, plants, and other environmental features can help lower air conditioning cost during summer while helping shield your home from wind during winter. These can help reduce wind chill, lower your fuel consumption, and eventually lower your energy bill.

Fall Is For Planting TreesWhen is the best time to plant a tree? Fall and winter are the best times to plant trees and shrubs. The mild weather allows the tree to grow healthier and survive better. We are actually lucky to have mild fall this year and mild winters for the past two years. These conditions are perfect for planting trees. The climate which is appropriate for landscaping and planting trees offer a lot of benefits to the environment.

Erosion is often controlled by trees and vegetation. Trees also provide habitat for wildlife and help clean the air through the process of carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen release.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to plant tress, shrubs, and ornamental grasses especially in North America and areas like Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Let Riemer and Son provide your landscaping and tree planting requirements. This is the perfect time to call for our services.

tree planting Oklahoma City OklahomaWhy plant trees during fall when winter is just a few months away? Root activities continue as long as the ground isn’t frozen. By planting trees during fall, newly planted trees with tiny roots have plenty of time ahead to collect nutrients and water before the hot and dry summer season comes.

Summer can cause problems like drought. If you plant a tree during fall or winter, you provide the roots enough leeway to grow healthier before the hot summer season comes. Newly planted trees do not like too much heat and low moisture. It is always necessary to check soil moisture even during the fall season. This will allow the roots to grow healthier. A good amount of rain can help the water move down deep into the soil and soak the roots for better tree growth.

Finally, call a reliable landscaping and tree planting service like Riemer and Son and plant a tree in your property this winter. Add beauty to your home and improve its value by calling Riemer and Son today at (405)639-7648.