Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen in Edmond Oklahoma

Your New Outdoor Kitchen in Edmond Oklahoma

Outdoor Kitchens Edmond Oklahoma

Outdoor Kitchens Edmond Oklahoma

With summer in full swing and football season just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to start planning and building your outdoor kitchen. Where once the vast majority of us were more than happy to have a grill we could use out in the back yard or on the deck, in Edmond, Oklahoma more people are looking at going one step further and building a complete kitchen that will let them create an amazing array of culinary delights outside instead of being stuck in the house as the weather starts to cool down.

As you start to work out the design of your new kitchen, there are a number of decisions that you are going to have to make in order to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind that what might appeal to your friends that already have their own outdoor workspace built may not be what works well for you. In order to be able to entertain and create the culinary delights you have become well known for, you need to start out by considering the size of kitchen you are going to build.

One problem that so many people face when creating their kitchen design is that more often than not they want more kitchen than they have room for. Rather than risk running into this situation, you may find that working with a professional designer like Riemer and Son can help you choose the right design and size to meet the space that you have to work with. If you are lucky enough to have unlimited space, you can install a complete cooktop, an outdoor pizza oven and even a wet bar with refrigerator.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Seating in Oklahoma

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Seating in Oklahoma

Once you know how much room you have to work with and the approximate size of your new outdoor kitchen, you can start looking at what appliances you are going to install in it. There are a number of options when it comes to equipping your new outdoor workspace. You know that at the very least you are going to need some kind of cook surface, most start with a good size gas grill. But there is more to a good outdoor kitchen than a grill, you can put freestanding grill anywhere.

Since you are building a kitchen, you can add a refrigerator and a sink complete with running water. While grilled food is perfect for your backyard tailgate party, have you considered how much fun having an outdoor wood fired pizza oven would add to the party? These ovens are rapidly gaining in popularity in many Oklahoma communities including Edmond as not only can you bake your own pizzas, but there are so many other dishes that can be baked this way and will never have tasted better.

Outdoor Kitchen Stone Veneer in OklahomaAs you are planning to entertain, especially during football season, you can build in a keg cooler and a wet bar complete with ice maker and condiment chiller so that you can serve everyone’s favorite libations while you prepare a gourmet meal for them. The possibilities are endless, but the best place to get started is to talk to a professional outdoor kitchen designer like Riemer and Son as we can help you maximize your new kitchen based on the space you have and the budget you have to work with. Please give us a call at (405) 639-7648 to discuss the possibilities for your outdoor kitchen in Edmond, OK. You can also reach us by completing the Contact Form Here. Thank you for considering Riemer and Son for your outdoor kitchen. We look forward to helping you enjoy the best of your backyard.


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