Landscaping Ideas for Spring in Pink OklahomaSo winter is over and spring has spread its wings. Now is the time to start implementing spring landscaping ideas in Pink, Oklahoma. This is the time when your landscape needs special care and when nature is beginning to show its magic. Winter can cause a lot of havoc in your garden and landscaping. A little effort put in right now can make a lot of difference to the landscape you are going to have during the summer. Riemer and Son Landscaping and Irrigation can help you with all of your spring landscape needs.

An essential part of spring landscape care is clean up. This doesn’t mean simply raking the leaves up. It has to be a lot more comprehensive than that if your landscape is to look good. One of the most important aspects is cleaning up the flower beds to remove all weeds as well as dead plants, twigs and any debris that may have accumulated in the winter. Another thing that is equally important is trimming the shrubs which may have overgrown. Similarly one needs to check small trees and shape them. There is nothing more unsightly than unruly trees and shrubs in a well-maintained landscape. Timely pruning improves the visual appeal of the place. But just removing weeds and dead plants is not enough, one has to plant new plants in their place so that there are no gaps in the landscape. Perennial splitting can be used to fill up empty spaces in the landscape or to merely give it a more green look.

spring landscaping in Pink OklahomaNo landscape can look good if there is no color in it. Spring is the best time to add some color. You have so many options to choose from, however there needs a bit of planning beforehand, as it should be done at the right time if you want maximum results. It is better to get in touch with professional landscapers like we have at Riemer and Son to make sure that you plan for the best looking landscaping for spring. Spring landscape care also involves overseeding for any gaps that may have developed in the grass. This is also the ideal time for fertilizing and generally preparing the soil for plantings. Your garden soil may need to be aerated or may be mulching is required. In some cases there may be too much thatch. You may also need to have the soil tested so that any shortcomings can be remedied. Spring is the best time to check all this out and more. Crabgrass can be a nuisance for any landscape and spring is the right time to apply herbicides before they crop up.

spring landscape Pink OklahomaThis is also the best time to carry out some maintenance work of your irrigation systems as spring time usually brings plenty of rain in Pink and you will probably not need to use your sprinkler systems heavily until June rolls around. Running a check on your sprinkler system would be a great idea so that it works efficiently when you need to water your plants. Broken heads or leaking pipes can ruin your landscape and should be repaired in readiness for summer. You may also need to make some additions to the system if any changes have been introduced in the plantings. We are experts in sprinkler systems at Riemer and Son and we would be happy to service your irrigation system.

spring landscaping Pink OklahomaIn short, spring time is the busiest time in landscape maintenance. If you wait too long and do not take advantage of what you can do for your landscaping during the spring then you may have to wait a whole year to get the beautiful landscape that you desire again. Call us today at (405) 639-7648 so we can help you with all of your spring landscaping needs and preparation. You can also contact us via our contact form here.