Retaining Walls To Complement Your Landscaping

Retaining Walls in Nicoma Park

Retaining Walls in Nicoma Park

As flat sites for building homes continue to become scarce in many regions of the world, construction of retaining walls that terrace sloppy surfaces into usable yards are becoming more popular and basic with each passing day. Many people in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma are using retaining walls and French drains to complement their landscaping.

Retaining walls might look simple stacked stone, timber or block but are in essence carefully and thoughtfully engineered complex systems strong enough to withstand gravitational forces equal to tons of saturated soil they restrain in  landscaped positions.

Retaining walls are also erected where downhill side of a foundation could lose necessary supporting soil or the upside is susceptible to pressure from sliding existing soil.

Types of Retaining Walls

retaining walls Oklahoma

retaining walls Oklahoma

There are several types of retaining walls available. These are Interlocking blocks, stacked stone, brick, timber and concrete. All these types of restraining walls won’t serve their purpose well if not installed in the appropriate way and for the appropriate slope they are supposed to hold back also providing the necessary drainage works to suit the prevailing conditions.

The cost for restraining wall will vary from one contractor to the other but should be guided by certain characteristics. For instance, the kind of materials to be used is obviously going to be a determining factor in the cost of your retaining wall. Timber will be cheaper per square feet as compared to brick, stone, or retaining wall blocks.

Other factors influencing the cost of your retaining wall include the actual site. Some sites are troublesome in terms of terrain while others could spot clay soil or natural spring making construction work cumbersome and this will definitely be reflected in the final cost of your project.

Using French Drains Along With Your Retaining Walls

French drains are principally sub surface drainage systems made by filling a trench with gravel over already laid perforated plastic pipe. The gravel and pipe are then covered well with a geotextile material in such a way that moisture accumulating in the gravel filled trench finds its way to the perforated plastic pipe which then transports it to a designated discharge point.

This system also referred to as sub drain was named French drain apparently after the person who is supposed to have invented it. This person was however an American called Mr. French. His system was first used in New England for agricultural purposes before being up graded to spot perforated plastic pipe as it is known and used today.

Riemer and Son Landscape and Irrigation is well trained at assessing your individual needs and recommending the proper drainage system for your landscape.

Surface Drain Basins 

Natural surface water drains are by definition points of land where rain water or snow collects on the surface and exits to join another water body, like a lake, wetland, or reservoir. Where these are not present, excessive surface and sub-surface water can cause serious damage to structural foundations, turf and plants demanding artificial creation of the surface drain basins to avert the same.

This is done by our landscaping experts who apply the principle that slopes influence surface and subsurface water runoff, in short the greater the slope the higher the surface water runoff, the opposite is also true. Therefore, we at Riemer and Son now apply the principle of different soils permeability levels. Soils with larger particles provide larger passage ways for flooding surface water to sub surface as opposed to soils with tiny particles or compacted soils.

retaining walls stairs

retaining walls stairs

If your property could use a retaining wall or French drain to make it more functional and appealing, please give us a call today at (405)639-7648. We proudly serve the Nicoma Park, Oklahoma area and we would like to earn your business for retaining walls, French drains, and all your other landscaping and irrigational needs. You can also contact us through our Contact Form on our website.