Fall Landscape Projects

fall landscape in The Village Oklahoma

fall landscape in The Village Oklahoma

Summer in The Village, Oklahoma is finally over and cooler temperatures at last prevail making dreams of fall landscape projects a reality! Now that it’s possible to spend time outside, there are sure to be lots of things that need attention before winter sets in. Trees and bushes can be pruned, leaves raked and composted, and many more little jobs can be attended to in the crisp fall air!

In the fall, you can find lots of good deals on end-of-season plants through Riemer and Son along with some of our suppliers. This is a great time to add a few perennial plants to your fall landscape. You can enjoy them for a few months before the first freeze, and then be sure to mulch well around them with leaves or straw and cover them when it does freeze. They’ll be back again in the spring with fresh blooms and foliage.

You will also want to check your perennial plants and shrubs for excessive growth or, conversely, damage done by hot dry weather. Prune and mulch to prepare your bushes and perennials for winter. If the roots of your perennial plants have become choked by excessive growth, divide them. You can use the resulting “new” plants to set up a new garden area, or you can share them with friends and neighbors. The mild weather of fall is a great time to give these offshoots a new start.

If you have quite a few potted plants, you’ll want to compost the annuals and prepare the perennials for winter. You can do this by simply setting the pot in a burlap bag and placing it against the south side of your house where it will be protected from the north wind. You can leave the bag open so the plant can continue to enjoy the mild fall weather, but be sure to pull it up and cover your delicate plants before the first frost. If you live in a bitterly cold area, you might also toss a tarp over your wintering perennials during the coldest times.

Of course, you can contact us anytime to be your full service fall landscape provider. We provide all of these services from our company, but we also want to give some great ideas for your fall landscape projects. Below are a few more tips to make the most of your fall landscaping plans.

Tidy up your fall landscape by raking up your leaves and the trimmings from your pruning project and tossing them into your compost heap. Alternately, you could use them to mulch around plants that will need protection from the cold, or you could simply run over leaves and small trimmings with a mulching lawn mower to enrich your soil. Sprinkling a bit of manure over your lawn will also help you have a nice rich crop of grass in the springtime.

Enhance your fall landscape with seasonal decorative plants, such as potted chrysanthemums and attractive, natural lawn décor like pumpkins, straw bales and so on. You can plant the chrysanthemums and winter them to enjoy again next year. When the weather turns cold, you can break the pumpkins open and roast the seeds for yourself or leave them, along with the pumpkin meat, in your compost heap for the birds to enjoy during the hungry winter months. Add the straw to your compost heap, or use it for mulch.

fall landscaping in The Village Oklahoma

fall landscaping in The Village Oklahoma

The pleasant time you spend in the crisp autumn air working on your fall landscape will bring you great rewards come spring! After a long winter’s nap, your perennials and lawn will burst forth, rested, refreshed and nourished for another season of enjoyment.

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